One of Southeast Asia’s best-kept secrets, Myanmar is a trove of undiscovered treasures. As a new era of tourism begins, Jo Za So is here to bring sustainable travel experiences that will preserve Burmese beauty for years to come.

JoZaSo is Myanmar’s first sustainable tourism hub.

After years of being off-the-travel-grid, Myanmar is finally welcoming the next generation of adventure-seekers. And as the tourism industry finds its feet, Jo Za So is a place for small and medium-sized businesses to grow. The hub is home to locally-designed experiences that invest right back in the communities they’re in.

travel designed by locals.

JoZaSo is a joint initiative of AVI, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT), and Intrepid Group. Together, they’ve worked with local organisations and individuals to curate a wide range of exciting, authentic opportunities from local operators. Each business owner is a trusted partner, ready to show off the best that Myanmar has to offer.

About the partners

AVI–formerly known as Australian Volunteers International–is a not-for-profit organisation that works to address locally-identified development priorities. AVI promotes sustainable economic and social development that is owned and led by local communities. In 2012, AVI opened an office in Yangon to begin working on better health, education, political, social and economic outcomes for Myanmar.

DFAT, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, is committed to promoting economic growth and stability across the globe. Through joint initiatives with local communities, DFAT aims to create prosperity in places Australians work, live and travel.

Intrepid Group is the world’s largest adventure tour company. With sustainable, small group travel experiences, they are changing the way people think about travel. To support the places they travel through, Intrepid Group invests in local communities by employing local leaders, supporting grassroots projects and leading the way in responsible travel practices.